Our core business is sourcing, supplying and delivering crude oil and refined petroleum products. Since 2017, we have expanded our portfolio to petrochemicals and occasionally to other dry bulk commodities.

To support our trading activities, we have established partnerships for storage and product flow management.


Crude Oil trading

We have long-standing expertise in trading crude oil. We source and supply and have access to light and sweet crude grades. 


Our network in the major oil-producing regions, and being headquartered in the most important importer in the world, allow us to identify changing crude oil demands and evolving market dynamics. 

 Our experience and understanding of oil markets enable us to offer structured and favorable prices in high competition environments.

We offer commercial support with tailored solutions, taking in consideration market-.

Petrochemicals trading

Our petrochemicals division is dedicated to the sourcing and supplying physical trade and distribution of polymers, olefins, and aromatic petrochemical products to the Chinese market. 

 Our competitive advantage is that our investment processes are designed to bring value throughout the petrochemicals supply chain. We can achieve it by investing in downstream petrochemical plants and collaborating with our producer partner’s to optimize their processing capabilities while offering our customers the opportunity to buy from a balanced raw materials product slate at competitive terms with optimum availability and efficiency.


Infrastructure & Logistics

Our partnerships in logistics and storage facilities enable us to deliver oil commodities at the best time to the most important importers in China.

Settled in Dongying Port Economic Development Zone, we have access to storage facilities of 236 million cubic meters of reserve tank, including 100 million cubic meters of public-bonded tank and 50,000 tons of liquid chemical wharf.