An excellent reputation, rigorous governing structure, flexible and efficient private enterprise mechanism have provided us with competitive advantages in carrying out trade activities. Thus over the years, we have forged solid relationships with an extensive global network of customers and suppliers with whom we work on a daily basis. These include national and international oil companies, refiners, traders and brokers, distributors, and consumers. SYS's relationships, whether in the petrochemical or the oil sector, are focused on state-owned companies or market leaders.


Key Partner

Shandong Wantong Petroleumchemical Group Co.,Ltd. manufactures and distributes petrochemicals. The Company produces gasoline, asphalt, petroleum coke, diesel, and other petrochemicals. Shandong Wantong Petroleumchemical Group also conducts power generation, coal wholesale, heating, machinery manufacturing, and modern logistics businesses.

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Our network

 We have also established a joint venture with Wantong Group in Haixin storages, which include a 236 million cubic meters of oil tanks, and a liquid chemical wharf of 50,000 tons capacity.

Our first joint venture with Shandong Wantong Petroleum chemical includes: 1.2 million tons/year delayed coking unit, 800,000 tons/year of gasoline and diesel increase hydrogen combination unit, 100,000 tons/year of gas separation and 80,000 tons/year of MTBE joint unit, 100,000 tons/year hydrogenation overlap device, 100,000 tons/year aromatics distillation unit.